Railguard app for iPhone lets you easily alert BNSF to track and crossing issues


If you’ve got an iPhone and live or work near BNSF’s rail network, check out the RailGuard mobile app! With RailGuard, if you see something that doesn't seem right on BNSF track, like an occupied crossing, malfunctioning signal or damage to railroad property, you can easily report it to BNSF so we can investigate the situation quickly.

The app lets you describe the issue, share its location and even send us a picture. You can also find information on topics like why BNSF train crews sound the horn or guidelines for photography of train operations.

Notifying us about issues you spot on the network helps us operate even more efficiently and enhance the safety of the community. Our Resource Protection team will use the information you provide to find out what’s going on and determine a course of action.

You’ll need an iPhone 5 or above. Go to the App Store on your phone to download RailGuard.

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