Friends of BNSF is moving to a new online home

Friends of BNSF is about to get a new home! We’re excited to announce that starting today and over the next several weeks, the Friends of BNSF community will transfer to a private group on Facebook at The current website has served us well, but it’s now seven years old, and it’s time to move into new digs.

Moving to Facebook will make it easier for you to share and enjoy members’ train photos and discuss BNSF-related topics with other group members. And it will make it easier for more fans and supporters of BNSF to find us and join our community. For many of you, Facebook is already a familiar and comfortable place to hang out online. You’re already spending time on Facebook, so visiting the Friends community will be easier than ever.

To prepare for the move, we’re posting a large number of your favorite classic articles from the website so they’ll be there for you when you arrive – and we’re posting new content as well! Photos from the Member Photos Gallery won’t be moved into the Facebook group – but you are more than welcome to repost them there for members to enjoy.

We’re preparing to announce a Summer Train Photo Contest so you can share your best photos in the group and have a shot at winning a prize. And for the first two months, there will be weekly drawings with great giveaways for randomly selected group members.

Ready to come on over and join the fun? All you need is a free Facebook account. Once you’re in, just go to and click the blue “Join Group” button. We’ll let you in as soon as we can. Please be patient – there will be a lot of you requesting access at the same time.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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