Dutch modeler, Friends of BNSF member Dennis Glaasker built this amazing model of a BNSF locomotive out of LEGO® bricks

Dennis Glaasker built this model of a BNSF locomotive using 20,000 Legos.

Friends of BNSF member Dennis Glaasker of The Netherlands is a skilled modeler, and he often uses LEGO ® bricks for his medium as a challenge because “it’s not the regular cup of tea for serious modeling.” For one of his recent projects, Glaasker turned to another of his passions: American locomotives. The result: this impressive BNSF SD40-2.

The model is built at 1:16 scale. It’s almost 52 inches long and weighs around 44 pounds. It took approximately 20,000 pieces to build.
The locomotive model weighs nearly 44 pounds.
Glaasker says it took him six months to plan and build the model. 
“I had to do a lot of research to get all the details. A lot of enthusiasts from the United States helped me, and I found a lot of information on the web. As I had never built a big scale locomotive before I had to think about a sensible LEGO® construction as well. My aim has been to put as many details in as possible.” As a result, the model includes the interior of the cabin, toilet area, engine and electronics.
The model of an SD40-2 locomotive even shows interior details.
Glaasker works as a sales engineer with several high-tech companies. “I like being creative and love photography and building scale models now and then. I build them from LEGO® as I always liked the bricks, and it is challenging to make something very detailed completely from scratch. The whole process from defining dimensions to building a fully detailed model is all done from nothing but a big pile of bricks and a lot of pictures.”
This won’t be Glaasker’s last locomotive model. “I liked building this one so much that the next model is already in my mind. It will possibly be an SD70Ace type, but I have not decided the railroad yet."
We know which railroad we think it should be.
Cutaway view shows details of locomotive model's construction.


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